And So Here I Go Again…

Ever have one of those days when your driving in your car and BAM….an idea comes into your head.  Well, that was me today as I traveled to a pharmacy that was out of my way and not in my “neck” of the woods. I can’t just help but keep going there–I firmly believe it was literally the only place I spent in that small town for ten years that made me feel welcomed.  But I digress, on way home started thinking about my life prior to me moving to Kentucky.  I used to lead such a full life.  I guess now, at 43, I live a life that is more up in the air.  I honestly just don’t know what to do on any giving day but like  all things this too shall pass and I will figure it out.

So, upon all my thinking I remembered I used to be an active blogger back in the day when blogging was something you did for fun and didn’t get paid for it.  Or at least I didn’t but I had tons of followers.  Seemed like everyone was interested in what a young Army wife of three young kids was up to or not up to, or just every day murphy’s law and shenanigans, which seemed to be so prevalent in my life and brought lots of laughter (after the initial frustration). (Damn that run on sentence).

So, I decided to blog again.  Maybe, I won’t get a single follower.  Maybe I’ll get a ton– but everyone is always telling me to write and what they don’t know is I do and have been for some time–I have a poetry journal and a picture journal.  They are private and I would never post details about them here.  They contain my deepest secrets and thoughts but this blog won’t be that.  After al,l the idea for my blog isn’t to tell every single detail about my life but to just relate to people.  We don’t always need to see all the details to relate to how someone feels inside and out.  But heck, if even one thing I write makes someone think, change their mind, or feel better as a person, well then so be it.  Because truthfully, I need an outlet in my life–a voice.  I can promise you the stories will be real, my thoughts will be real, and I will be 100% honest.  I can’t promise you that my thoughts will be profound, or witty, or even life changing—but hey I can try.  And while your reading please make no mistake–a blog is thoughts but it certainly isn’t someone whole entire life.  As always there are two sides to all stories and really it doesn’t need to be put all out there–my life is more than a blog.  But sometimes life needs a voice–mine does!

On way home , I had a ton ideas for blogs.  It’s going to be a lot of fun for me.  It’s going to be some good therapy as I try to navigate my new life.  I’ve had such a hard time and find most people just don’t understand or I lost friends because they don’t know how to relate.  Maybe I’ll lose some more, or maybe they will come back.  I don’t know.  Of course, I will always welcome feedback or comments and encourage it!!

All I do know is……it sounded like a really good idea at the time.




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