The Dog, The Dog, The Dog is on Fire!!

I love to cook.  I really do.  I can bake like no other.  And if I didn’t have to cleanup all the mess, I’d probably do a whole lot more of it to be honest.  But tonight, I almost lit the dogs world up.  I mean she almost got lit on fire.

So imagine this….I’m casual cooking some fish in the over.  I grab a kitchen towel, instead of the oven  mitt.  I reach down to pull fish out of oven and I set it on  top of the stove top, when all of a sudden, I feel like a heat coming upwards.  I’m thinking I didn’t bunch towel up good enough and heat is coming through and I’m about to get burned.  So, I put down pan really quick to readjust the towel and that’s when I saw it.  The yellowish, orange dancing flames we call fire.

Now Bella is my yorkie that I have had for the last 7 years and to know her is to know she is up my proverbial ass no matter what I am doing.  And what I really mean by that or I should say especially includes when I’m in the kitchen because she is praying I drop her a tasty morsel.  So, there she was under my feet praying I’d drop her some food.  Only this time, I have the dancing orange and yellow flamed kitchen towel that is trying to grab hold of my clothes and catch me on fire!! So what do I instinctively do??  Yes, I drop towel…..only I drop it on my dog.  Here I am screaming at her to move and she is casual going about like the towel I’m dropping is a nice flank steak–damn dog!!  I almost had to stop, drop and roll her ass!!  Do you think she cared though.  No, she is just pissed that I didn’t drop her some food.

I’m calmed down now, but at the moment I was freaking out.  There was my shiny stay calm moment and guess what?  I panicked.  I seriously believe this is how I live my life anymore–In a constant state of panic to the point, I don’t even know the difference.  I always feel like I’m constantly “dropping the towel”.

Really, what I need to do is rise up like the flames and dance with their flow–I need to own my life.  Instead it owning me.

But how the hell did I just turn almost burning up my dog into a metaphor of life??

I was just trying to cook dinner….

I  don’t know–but it sounded like a good idea at the time.




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